Increase Cum


Increasing your cum is easy when you know how. Follow these 5 steps and i guarantee you will be able to cum harder and faster than ever before

1) Amino acids

Amino acids such as L-arginine and L-lysine, which can be found in food, such as red meat, lamb, poultry, fish and wheat. They are all excellent foods to increase cum

2) Keep Your Body Hydrated

A well hydrated body will mean a big increase in the amount of cum you produce. Drink plenty of water through the day and see the difference.

3) A Good Level of Fitness

Keep fit and see the difference in your cum volume. A good level of fitness will increase cum. This is because fitness is normally associated with good blood circulation. Which is needed for a large cum shot.

4) Dietary Supplements

 Use a Volume enhancing supplement such as the men’s health-xl rated no1 semen pill volume pills Volume pills are a 100% natural formula and are used by many men all over the world. They range from porn stars to normal men like me and you, who want to increase the amount they cum. Click Here To Read Our Review.

5) PC Muscle Exercises

Points 1-4 will increase your body’s ability to produce lots of cum. By using pc exercises you will be able to shoot your cum further and with more force than ever before.

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